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Neurodiversity and disabilities

Neurodiversity and disabilities

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Neurodiversity and disabilities

We understand that people with neurodiverse conditions like autism, ADHD, dyslexia and dyspraxia can face barriers when accessing mental wellbeing support.

At Steps2Wellbeing, we have created different ways for people to access our service

  • Different ways to refer yourself - online, telephone, or your GP

  • Wysa digital assistant online referral

  • Longer/shorter appointments

  • Telephone, video call or face to face appointments

  • We can offer materials in different formats such as easy read or different coloured paper

We do not offer diagnosis for neurodiverse conditions or learning disabilities. Steps2Wellbeing counselling, self-help and online courses are aimed at managing anxiety disorders and depression.

If you have a learning disability or a physical disability extra support can be provided to help you access treatment with Steps2Wellbeing.