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For information on adjusting your device or browser for your needs, such as sight or hearing problems, click the below link for a guide from AbilityNet.

AbilityNet Accessibility Guide

This page explains how we ensure that the website is accessible to all users.

Due to the increasing number of browsers and devices in use the best way to ensure accessibility is to adjust your computer, device or browser to suit your individual needs.

The link above is a detailed guide produced by AbilityNet- a national charity which helps disabled persons access the internet and computing.

The guide explains how to make text larger, change your keyboard and mouse settings for ease of use, and increase colour contrast.

AbilityNet also provide information on how to adjust the size of your text without the use of a reader here.


Navigation of the website differs between computers, and phones and tablets. In computer view mode the menu will be displayed down the left hand side of the screen, with the top menu across the top bar. In tablet or mobile phone mode the menus are collapsed into “hamburger menus”. These appear as three stacked horizontal bars- the top menu can be accessed in the top left hand side of the screen, and sub-menus for each section will appear in a coloured bar under the section title. Clicking on the hamburger icon will open the menus. Click on the “X” to collapse the menu again.

Printing content

If you need to print content from this website and the text appears too small you can adjust the settings with the following methods:

In Internet Explorer- go to Print Preview in the File menu and alter the page scale

In Chrome- as there is no sizing options within the print options the sizing must be adjusted in the computer’s print preferences.

In Safari- Adjust the size of the text on the page before printing- to do this on a computer go to Menu -> View -> Zoom in, or use Ctrl++.

In Firefox- Adjust the size by going to File menu -> Print Preview, and alter the font size.

In Opera- Use Ctrl++ or Menu -> Page -> Zoom on the webpage before printing.


We suggest for translation of information on the website an online translator is used. Be mindful that these translate word by word therefore may not interpret the meaning of more complex phrases correctly.

Information on mental health in other languages can be accessed from:

The Royal College of Psychiatrists (multiple languages)

Embrace Multicultural Mental Health (Multiple Languages)

Alternatively, if you are accessing the service we can provide information leaflets in multiple languages, and have access to interpreters. Please Contact Us if you have any enquiries.