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Southampton City

Living Well with Long Covid

This is a 5 session course aimed at people who are experiencing symptoms of low mood, anxiety and symptoms of Long Covid. Long Covid is a term for people who experience Covid-19 for longer than expected or experience symptoms following acute illness. There is a lot of variation in symptoms but mainly include fatigue and breathlessness. This course focuses primarily on symptoms of low mood, anxiety, and the correlation these can have with those of Long Covid.

This is a 5 week course with each session lasting approximately 90 minutes, and this will include a 10 minute break.

Session Topics

• Session 1: Introduction to Long Covid, depression and anxiety

• Session 2 – Manging behaviours (Part 1)

• Session 3 – Managing behaviours (Part 2)

• Session 4 – How thoughts affect how we feel (physically and mentally)

• Session 5 – Maintaining gains