Steps 2 Wellbeing

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Southampton City


We run a variety of courses in Southampton. Click on the links to access information about each course.

Our courses are used as standalone therapies, or in combination with one-to-one therapy. If we feel you will benefit from one of the courses we run you will be invited to attend when you refer to us.

Peer Support

Little steps

Step 2 courses

Managing stress

Managing low mood

Living life to the full

Wellbeing with Breathlessness

Living Well with Long Covid


Step 3 courses

Coping with the Symptoms of PTSD

Casual and Carefree: coping with the symptoms of OCD

Lifting your mood

Coping with worry

Coping with Social Anxiety


Mums Matter

Bereavement Course

New Horizons Counselling Course for Depression

Mums Matter