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Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners (PWPs)

Our team of PWPs provide most of the assessments in the service and provide a range of different support options. This includes face-to-face and telephone guided self-help, groups and computerised cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) programmes.

They have a variety of different backgrounds and attend a University training course to ensure they are well qualified to help assess and treat individuals with common mental health problems.

The key role of the PWP is to support you to better understand the difficulties you are experiencing and to develop the skills and resources to manage or overcome them.

How will your PWP help?

• Assess your problem and how it affects your daily life

• Provide you with up-to-date and useful information that will help you to understand your problem better (e.g. handouts, booklets or links to websites)

• Introduce you to self-help activities to help you to overcome your difficulties

• Point you to other agencies and services that may be able to help

• Encourage you to work on tasks in between sessions and try out new skills

•Teach you tools and techniques to help you improve your sense of wellbeing and reduce the chance of any problems in the future

• Review your progress on a regular basis to ensure you are on-track to meet your goals (e.g. through discussion and questionnaires)

• Support you to make the best use of any medication that your GP has prescribed by giving you up-to-date information, for example about side-effects

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