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Referring a Patient

What are the referral criteria?

• Aged 18 or over (including older adults)

• Registered with a locality GP

• Experiencing depression and/or an anxiety disorder

• Not currently engaged with other mental health services (e.g. community mental health teams, crisis team)

How do I refer my patient?

As a healthcare professional you can refer a patient using our online form by following this link. Please note that Steps to Wellbeing will NOT accept ONLINE referrals from mental health organisations. If you are a mental health worker (e.g. CMHT), please continue to refer by letter.

Alternatively you can refer your patient directly by sending us a standard referral letter. The patient can can also self-refer by completing a referral form online or by telephoning us on the relevant number. If you have a patient who would not be able to do this (for example due to language barriers), and they don’t have anyone who could assist them, then please just send us a standard referral letter.

If the referrer is not a GP we will seek permission from the patient to inform the GP that they have been referred to the service and the outcome of their involvement with the service. Where joint working between services would be appropriate, telephone contact should first be made by the referring service to the Service Manager and Clinical Lead at the appropriate office.

How does the self-referral process work?

When patients self-refer they will speak to a member of our admin team who may arrange an initial assessment for them. This will be either by telephone or face-to-face and at a convenient time. We will ask the patient’s permission to contact his/her GP to let them know that the patient has self-referred to the service.

What contact can a patient’s GP expect from the service?

If a patient self-refers we will write to you to inform you of this referral. We will then write to you after the initial assessment session to let you know the outcome / treatment offered and also at discharge.

Obviously if during the course of therapy there are any significant changes, for example risk or a change in the treatment approach, we will also keep you informed of this as well. Please do not hesitate to contact us though if you have any queries about any patients referred to us.

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