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Stress and anxiety are very similar and have similar symptoms.

Stress is a natural reaction and can occur in everyday life. We feel stress in response to situations that we find difficult or challenging. We all need a bit of stress to motivate us to reach our goals. However too much stress can be bad for our bodies and minds.

People can feel stressed because of specific situations like the death of a partner, relative or friend, or something more long-term such as being under a lot of pressure at work.
Stress can make us feel as though we are not able to deal with the situations we are facing. We can feel overwhelmed or as though we are unable cope.

Signs of stress can include:

• being irritable

• not being able to concentrate

• headaches

• indigestion

• problems sleeping and being tired a lot

• feeling run down or ill

• feeling tense and drinking to cope, smoking too much or biting your nails, etc.

There are lots of ways that you can improve your stress levels and we are here to help. There is support and advice that we can provide to help improve your quality of life.

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