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Panic attacks can feel overwhelming and uncontrollable.

Experiencing a panic attack is often described as experiencing an incredibly strong bout of anxiety that seems to come from nowhere and with little warning. They can lead to you becoming scared about the physical symptoms, possibly worrying that you may be having a heart attack, that you are going to pass out, that you are losing control, or even that you might die. However these concerns often make the panic attack worse.

To try to manage these panic attacks, and prevent further attacks, you may avoid the situations in which you previously experienced these symptoms. This can lead to changes in your life to the point where you may avoid going about your normal daily routine.

A panic attack can cause people to feel a sense of fear and a state of detachment from their surroundings.

Physical symptoms of a panic attack can include:

• a sensation that your heart is beating irregularly

• sweating

• trembling

• shortness of breath

• a choking sensation

• chest pain

• feeling nauseated

It is no wonder that we might start to avoid the things that make us anxious so that we do not have to experience these uncomfortable symptoms. However it doesn’t have to continue. There is support and effective treatment out there that can help you manage your anxiety and improve your quality of life.

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