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It's completely normal to get anxious

We all feel anxious at some point in our lives in response to situations that we may be experiencing. Although it can make us feel uncomfortable we can usually manage it; however for some people it can become a more serious problem.

Anxiety can have a negative impact on relationships, on how we work and even everyday tasks like shopping. When serious anxiety happens it can change the way we think, make us feel some unpleasant physical symptoms and even cause us to change how we behave.

When we become very anxious we might start to see threats and dangers in normal daily activities. We might get scared that we will embarrass ourselves when we are out, or start worrying too much about things we cannot do anything about.

All these worries can cause changes to our body such as:

• increased heart rate

• shallow or fast breathing

• muscle tension

• butterflies in stomach

• being very alert and seeing many potential threats

• dizziness

• shaking

• difficulties swallowing

• needing to go to the toilet more than normal

• feeling sick

It is no wonder that we might start to avoid the things that make us anxious so that we do not have to experience these uncomfortable symptoms. However it doesn’t have to continue. There is support and effective treatment out there that can help you manage your anxiety and improve your quality of life.

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