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New Horizons Counselling Course for Depression

We are pleased to offer the New Horizons Counselling Course for Depression via video link; this is a therapeutic group which uses NICE approved therapeutic interventions to help build awareness of how depression can impact a person’s life and provide innovative ways to help combat and reduce symptoms of depression.

The course runs for 6 sessions, all weekly and 90 mins long.

What does the Course cover?

Session 1: Understanding depression

Aims: Becoming your own expert through noticing, normalising and psycho-education.

Session 2: Building awareness

Aims: What contributes or supports your self-management; what blocks or hinders change?

Session 3: Building resilience – activity, eating well and sleep.

Aims: Understand the effects of activity, eating well and sleep on our wellbeing; to highlight how these can be protective factors in managing our health and well-being.

Session 4: Emotional Self-Care: Develop awareness of the importance of Self-Care.

Aims: Caring compassionately for ourselves, what helps and hinders taking care of ourselves and moves us away or toward recovery.

Session 5: Goals and Values: the impact on depression and behaviour

Aims: Exploring personal values and how these inform your life and choices and the link with mood.

Session 6: Moving forward and maintaining growth and recovery.

Aims: Reviewing the previous session work with time for reflection and next steps for you.