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Online Courses

Online CBT Courses

It is now possible to attend our courses without leaving your home. Online courses allow you to learn the skills of CBT with our therapists via the internet. Our therapists will talk through the content of our courses and broadcast it to you via your digital device (PC / Mobile / Tablet).

These courses will take place live, which will allow you to interact with our therapists running the sessions by typing into the chat log.

Advantages of online courses are:

• More likely to be running during times outside of normal working hours.
• No need to travel to a venue.
• Regularly available meaning little waiting time
• You will receive a copy of the final videos after the course so that you can re-watch whenever you wish.
• You don’t need to get ready. No one is going to be able to see / hear you (but you will see us!)
• No need to arrange for childcare as you can access the course from home.

How to access
When discussing treatment options during your assessment you may be offered to attend an online course. If so, you will be added to a course that is suitable to your availability. You will then be sent the link to the online course via email prior to the session. During the time/date of the appointment, just click the link. If you are slightly early, you will see a window informing you that ‘the broadcast has not started’. It will automatically start when the therapists are ready.

See our Frequently Asked Questions page on our Online Courses

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